The ROI from Good UI/UX Design

According to a February 2020 McKinsey study, 66% of CEOs don’t understand what their senior designers do. While many [in business] read that design-driven companies outperform their competitors and thus invest in design programs, design’s concrete benefits are still an enigma for most…

When it comes to design, there is a lot of subjectivity. While we have industry standard design principles, there is still a grey area larger than most other verticals within a company, like Finance where metrics are easily quantified. Many executives and key decision makers underestimate the impact of design systems and good design, in general. These tables do a great job of quantifying how good UI/UX design can have a meaningful impact on an org.

Does your company exercise best practices when it comes to design? Do you have a formal design system and formal design ops processes in place? How much more value could you be returning to customers and shareholders by investing in good design?

This is something we do on a regular basis for clients. Feel free to reach out to talk shop!