UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design services play a predominant role in the App Development process. The first impression of your web or mobile app leaves an everlasting impression on your audience.

We are a software design firm dedicated to building products that deliver a superior user experience across all the various channels of your business. We craft aesthetically pleasing products, rooted in providing a seamless UX.
Our approach, driven by responsive design thinking, is aimed at crafting transformational visual experiences for Startups, SMB’s & Enterprises. Minimal yet impactful, our design strategy puts the user journey at the core of our products.

Project Plan & Timeline


We help you achieve a design strategy that tells your story in a visually stunning manner. Whether it be web, or mobile app design, we start with strategy first. Having a solid framework helps in defining the future roadmap.


At Calibrate, we constantly monitor the latest design trends to make your design look relevant and contemporary. Researching the latest technologies and design trends helps in enhancing the impact of the design output.


As a web and mobile app design agency, we pay great attention to user experience and user interface design. Our product design expertise comes from our talented team of UX designers who are passionate about their trade and devoted to delivering innovative design products.


After delivering the first version, the real work begins. Digital products are a constant evolution. Leveraging user feedback, analytics, and new trends to iterate on the product ensures a loyal customer and robust product.

Our Design Philosophy

Though good UI/UX Design services make for a great product, we believe in going a level deeper and immersing ourselves in our client’s organization and product. This allows us to truly understand the product, target audience, user journey, and adopt a consultant based approach that results in a holistic solution, addressing the key objectives and requirements of the project.

Design is an iterative and ever evolving process which requires gathering user feedback, reviewing analytics, and brainstorming as a team to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

Our array of UI/UX design services, combined with our systemic approach to design have a significant impact on our client’s products and their end users.

Our Design Capabilities / Our Design Services

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    UI/UX Research & Strategy

    How does the design flow? We research and strategize developing this critical piece of crafting the user interface design. Usability, accessibility, and intuitiveness are the critical metrics we focus on.

  • 02

    Information Architecture

    Without proper Information Architecture, even a great UI would fail. As a crucial aspect of UX design, Information Architecture aims at organizing the content on your app or website making it easy to navigate and adjust effortlessly with the functionality.

  • 03


    A wireframe is a skeleton or a blueprint that enables the UX architect to craft the user experience and better visualize the user journey, without having to focus on the style guide and aesthetics. Wireframes are a low fidelity, simplified outline of your product.

  • 04

    Skinning/User Interface Design

    It is during this phase where the app or website begins to look familiar and take shape. The user interface design is where our design team executes on the style guide, mood board/inspiration, and visual elements discussed at the start of the project.

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    Throughout the project, the wireframe and user interface designs go through a review and feedback process. This is the stage where our UX designers and user interface designers walk through the designs with the client and gather feedback or suggestions to confirm the product aligns with your vision, the business requirements, and overall brand strategy.

  • 06


    Prototyping helps to visualize the final product and provides the opportunity to gather user feedback before it moves to the next phase of coding. This phase helps confirm the fidelity of the product design, address any missing elements/screens, and prepare it for design handoff.

  • 07

    Design Handoff

    A proper Design Handoff ensures the product is pixel perfect and aligns with the static designs. This is a critical step and the last piece of the design phase before moving on to the software development phase.

Why choose calibrate?
Quality. Experience. Flexibility. Trust.

Fresh perspective

Design is very fluid; our designers keep updating their skills, constantly research industry trends and adding to their knowledge to stay current!

Holistic approach

We begin with the end in mind but apply a phased approach to ensure no shortcuts are taken that diminish the quality of the final product!


We follow a structured methodology to execute our design projects; everything is well planned and thought out.

Scalable designs

We create a full design system that can be easily iterated on and scaled as you grow your team.

Frequently Asked

What are your focus areas as a UI/UX and app design agency?
Everything we build is focused on enhancing the user experience. As a UI/UX design agency in Chicago, we provide MVP design, web design, mobile app design, and enterprise software design. We are open to any interesting design projects ranging from building a new product to revamping existing app, website or enterprise software.
How long does it take to create a prototype?
It really depends on how fast we approve the iterations and decide on the final layout. Prototype design needs at least a week to 10 days. But it depends on the project and may differ on case to case basis.
How much do you charge for a UI/UX design project?
The pricing depends mostly on the project scope, timeline, deliverables, and team composition. If the project is really different and dynamic, then the pricing will be based on the time spent on customizing the project. We have a full fledged team of web designers and app technicians. If you are a startup, we have a special rate card for you. For a detailed quote, you can shoot us an email with your project requirements.
Do you offer app development services?
Absolutely, with the whole world practically operating out of a mobile, we know the importance of designing a good app. We have an expert team that can help you with your app design and development. Being a UI/UX design firm in Chicago, we place a special focus on app design, making it very user friendly and appealing. You can check out our portfolio to glance through some of our work in the app development space.
What makes Calibrate different?
Our passion, quality and commitment to creating good work. We admire people who are creative and lend a special flavour to their work. Our UI/UX Studio in Chicago is glad to have some wonderful set of designers who have helped us produce path-breaking UI/UX designs. With Calibrate, you are assured of good work all the time!