The Future of Product Design

Over the past few years, product design has become much more prevalent. In a competitive world, crafting a seamless user experience and interface can mean a client’s success or failure. As a result, a company cannot afford to cut corners with design. With improvements in technology (ie faster wireless networks and improved processing on smartphones), we are going to see more “extra’s” to enhance the user experience. Some of the emerging trends we see are:

  • Holographic Textures 
  • Asymmetrical/Unorthodox Layouts
  • Minimalism 
  • Pastel Colors
  • Complex Typography 
  • Blurred Backgrounds
  • More micro interactions such as haptic animations, hover effects, scroll effects, and more
  • Greater use of em emoji’s and stickers 
  • Conversational UX

Looking beyond the immediate benefits of a strong UI/IX, having a strong product design typically lead to other tangible results throughout a business. These include greater brand equity, higher retention rates, customer satisfaction, and an increase in revenue; among many other things.

Check out this article where our CXO, Sean Doyce, shares his thoughts on this topic.